About us

 My son was between six and nine months old during the summer of 2015. He was a very busy nurser and an active kid. Whenever I tried any of the conventional nursing cover methods like blankets, bib covers or wraps, he would get hot and pull it off. He was also not very graceful with his latch, which made for embarrassing moments for me. 

One day, I was pushing my two young children to the top of a local mountain in a double stroller. I was wearing workout clothes, which were pretty tight. Sure enough, my son asked to feed and I was forced to risk embarrassing exposure because I didn't have a good way to cover us while he nursed. That is when I looked at my stroller and thought, "why can't you just cover me?" And this is where the idea for the KooïCover was born.

I went home that day, cut up some things, pulled out an old sewing machine my mother-in-law had given me and made my first prototype. The Kooï Cover was born! Now I could let my stroller serve as an extra set of arms for me, while my son nursed comfortably without getting hot.