The phases of breastfeeding

The phases of breastfeeding. 

First and foremost, my wish is that future moms, new moms and veteran moms can all come to grips with the fact that: we are all unique, so are our babies, therefore, we have our own paths to walk. 

I say this a lot. Motherhood is a humbling experience. From pregnancy to post partum and getting back in shape. I am warning you, never say never because you will eat your crow. 

So back to breastfeeding. 

We all have this idea when we prepare for our breastfeeding journey. We imagine the lullabies on a wound up baby mobile and a barely visible breast, creating a serene experience as you gaze into your baby's eyes. 

But then reality sets in. You are struggling with your latch, you have cracked sore nipples, you have to use a nipple shield, and your routine is so complicated with breast pads, nipple cream, a nipple shield and a colicky baby, that you just stay at home or end up feeding your baby formula. This sometimes works out, but sometimes perpetuates a problem of colic or engorgement and or the unavoidable mom guilt, which we must rid of (easier said than done).

Phase 1, the situation described above, eventually comes to an end at month 3. For most moms that is.

Enter into phase 2. This season is pure bliss. You baby has gotten the hang of things and so have you. A cover may or may not cause problems when it touched their face, but they are still relatively tiny and unable to cause too much of a fuss about it. 

Phase 3. This is around month 5 or 6 where you will quickly find out if staying covered while nursing with a bib type nursing cover or wrap around is feasible. Your baby may start losing it and flailing its arms when you use a cover. Or just pull it up or down, or try so hard just to find out who is sitting at the adjacent table laughing  out loud. 

Unfortunately, this phase can be never ending, followed by the phase where you start wondering if people are sizing up your baby and judging how much longer you should or should not be nursing. Not their place, but why do we still care??

This is a very generalized description of how a moms breastfeeding journey might go and it may be completely different for you. Remember, we are all individuals with babies that are individual and we cannot fall in the trap of comparing. 

I love what called the phases in her article. 

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