How do I breastfeed at family functions

As much as I loved spending time with family, it is the time that was probably most awkward to be breastfeeding

I still cringe when I think about family members addressing my babies and discussing my boobs. AWKWARD. "Is it time for you to go drink boobie?" PLEASE, HELP ME!! I would think to myself, how do I end this train wreck of a conversation as I continue on to feed my baby.

Then there's the uncle that sits next to you on the couch you chose away from everyone... and the sweat that starts dripping, because you know that as soon as your little cherub has had a snack's worth he will rip the cover off to engage in the unwanted conversation. 

Be encouraged, be brave, you can take charge. 

One way you can breastfeed more comfortably, is ask for someone to sit with you while you nurse. This might be your husband or a sister you are very comfortable with. Another option, which I did a lot, is to go into a bedroom where it's nice and quiet. This was hard for me, because I am very social and always felt like I was missing out on the party. If that's you, then the KOOI COVER might be a good option for you. It communicates that you prefer some privacy, your baby doesn't feel smothered, and you're not missing out on socializing. 

I hope this helps. I promise this is only a season, it will go by faster than you want to, but it's worth it. 

You got this mama.














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